""Prehistoric Ghost Party" is the debut solo album of the young and brilliant multi-instrumentalist and video artist golden disko ship. Gudrun Gut is also a golden disko? ship fan, having released a split album with golden disko ship and Jasmina Maschina in 2010. golden disko ship set sail in 2007 navigating through a number of self-made releases which brought her attention from the press, including comparisons to Coco Rosie and Fourtet. golden disko ship a.k.a Theresa Stroetges is a Berlin composer and classically trained viola player firmly rooted in the DIY tradition. As a one girl orchestra, she creates her live shows with various instruments and a mix of electronic and analogue sonic layers. She is renowned for her imaginative songscapes, crunchy distortion and squealing sounds whose dark and noisy elements suggest eccentric drum machine abuse. In combination with her self-made video projections, her unique version of sonic anarchy transports you into a world of intense chaos where fun and beauty meet. A subtle combination of dark and soft atmospheres sends you into fantastic dimensions, perhaps even right back to prehistorical times." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| KLANGBAD | 12.90

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