"In 2001, Peter Rehberg (then of Mego) asked Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester aka Goodiepal while visting Austria, if he would interested in 'doing something' for the label. Despite meeting on numerous occasions at various events and happenings around Europe nothing was delivered. One hot Ausgust day in 2013, a large package arrived containing lacquers for a double vinyl LP. Here it was! The Goodipal Mego album delivered as lacquers and not a wetransfer link. To actually hear the audio the lacquers were sent to plant and made into test pressings, which revealed 3 looong sides of audio from a concert in Chapel Hill, NC in 2002. Not exactly 11 in years in the making but more like 11 years in the waiting. The fourth side is made up of a letter to Peter Rehberg etched onto the vinyl explaining amongts other things 'the longer a message have to travel over time the more importance you can add to it'. With this in mind this release has no 'digital footprint' and is made available only as a physical vinyl LP in gatefold cover." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2013| EDITIONS MEGO | 19.90

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