"This release is the first of three discs that C3R is slated to release by Gordon Monahan, and represents his first release in fourteen years. This CD is a re-release of two of Monahan's best-known early works: 'Piano Mechanics' (which won first prize at the 1984 CBC Young Composers Competition), and 'Speaker Swinging' (his universally acclaimed, manually-operated sound installation). Both of these remastered pieces are awe-inspiring sound experimentations, possessing a visceral quality that is often lacking in more straight-forward tonal experiments. These are beautiful and moving pieces of new music. This disc, as well as the subsequent two C3R Monahan releases ('Grasslands' and 'New and Used Furniture Music'), will be packaged in six-panel digipak, with all design done by Monahan himself." (label info)
in stock | CA| 2005| C3R RECORDS | 14.90

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