special offer! "A collision of a hundred simultaneous ideas, Belgium's Uske Orchestra steamrolls through an unsettling cartoon landscape. They're previous two full lengths (the most recent of those was released on Sonig) are bursting with wrenching anti-segues of cut n paste improvised music, squandering traditional woodwinds, brass, vocals and percussion. There is an antique characteristic to their music as well, each vignette glistens with an old world nostalgia. The bay area's free-improv mavericks, Gorge Trio, have released several full lengths, the most recent of those being on Skin Graft Records. A "super group" of sorts, containing members of Deerhoof, The Flying Luttenbachers, and XRBXRX, the trio has originated a distinctive concoction of syncopated free-jazz rumble and indy melody. If a connection can be made between these two pieces, past the dogma of convenient classification, then "genre" has been transcended, and is deemed, at least momentarily, trivial. This is the basic principal of our DIV/ORCE series." (label info)
in stock | CA| 2006| ACHE RECORDS | 1.50

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