Featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat and Remixes by Hank Shocklee, Todd Rundgren, Deantoni Parks, King Britt, Free The Robots, Tewz (w/ Kool Keith), Sal P (Liquid Liquid) & The Gaslamp Killer. "Michael Holman and Nicholas Taylor have reunited once again to produce the first Gray album ever, titled, "Shades of?" on their own label, Plush Safe Records, that hankers back to Gray's sonic roots - industrial noise melded with electronic atmospheres. This multi-track compilation includes and involves sample tracks from Gray's earliest recordings and performances, with samples of Basquiat's music and voice. Included is a solo performance by Basquiat (recorded by Justin Thyme) called "Suicide Hotline," where Basquiat, in 1980, called a suicide hotline, and in dramatic, and darkly teasing fashion, reads bits of his poetry to the hotline operator, never allowing the operator to know for sure if the "caller" is insane, suicidal, or simply toying with him. The effect of the piece is powerful and disturbing, yet poignant and moving in a way only Basquiat could produce. The other tracks range from Stockhausen inspired fugues, to trip hop lanced throw downs. Holman & Taylor were fortunate to work with John Cale's drummer Dean Anthony on this new music, as well as fabled Tubes drummer, Prairie Prince and Downtown Scenester/drummer, Lenny Ferraro. "Shades of?" is not only a living piece of New York history, it's also an audio interpretation of a journey to where Taylor & Holman see the future of music." (label info) Limited Triple LP w/ Booklet + Digital Download
in stock | US| 2019| UBIQUITY | 74.90

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