"this record was created entirely from a casio sk1 drum machine sample. this sample was then processed in real-time using a custom-built max/msp sound environment. 'scatter' was created by subtracting (or scattering) these sounds, processing them further and adding silences until i achieved a desired lesser density. 'gather' was created by adding (or gathering) these sounds, processing them further and overlaying them until i achieved a desired greater density. all of these sound were then carefully arranged with soundedit16 to create the finished pieces. 'two skylines' was created by taking the processed source sample and processing it further with sonicworx powerbundle. then the waveforms of the left and the right channels were rectified in such a way as to resemble two city skylines. these pieces were created between the late winter of 2001 and the early fall of 2002. this record is dedicated to john cage." (g. davis) numbered edition of 500 copies, with insert. special offer!
in stock | DE| 2004| TONSCHACHT | 3.90

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