special offer! "While straying far from vocabulary such as "accessible" or "easy", this is Div/orce at its least abrasive. Pairing up two reflections of pictorial solitude and subtle melodic deep woods groan, we have Greg Davis and a member of the Jeweled Antler Collective (Blithe Sons, Skygreen Leopards, etc.), Loren Chasse, AKA, Of.Both camps find sturdy route in field recording acousticism, and these tracks illustrate the meditative nature of these artists. Water trickles, harps swell, and winds howl, while traditional instruments contemplate their natural surroundings.The two pieces are so well matched for each other that one could be a continuation of the other, yet they are polar opposite in posture. Greg Davis' piece, Fennel & Tangerine is open and airy, bounding through its own free space, while Of's track, Ferns Will Crumble, is noticeably murkier and claustrophobic, with a profound sense of dramatic tension." (label info)
in stock | CA| 2006| ACHE RECORDS | 1.50

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