"these pieces grew out of my research and interest in just intonation and prime numbers. during my explorations, i came across some interesting prime number sets and wondered what they would sound like. i constructed these pieces using sine wave generators in max/msp. i chose a base frequency (fundamental) for each piece and multiplied that number by each of the prime numbers in a given set to determine the harmonics / partials / overtones. i related the panning and metronome speed of each overtone to its frequency. rhythmically, each sine tone / frequency followed its own 3 beat cycle which created overlapping prime number rhythmic patterns. these pieces are dedicated to james tenney (1934-2006). they are an acknowledgment of his extraordinary work with alternate tuning systems and just intonation." (G.Davis) limited edition of 300 copies, in silk-screened cardboard cover.
in stock | US| 2009| AUTUMN RECORDS | 12.90

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