"The act of conjuring remarkable sound from found objects is at the very heart of this recording from American musicians Greg Davis and Jeph Jerman. Having met in Arizona some years back, Davis and Jerman commenced working together on a series of recording projects. Improvising with a range of implements and devices ranging from sticks, stones and low-fi electronics to prepared instruments, gongs and broken percussion, the pair sought to develop a personal language that reflected their individual approaches but also created a shared sensibility and aesthetic quality. Placing their work in a range of environments, most of which orbit around Jerman's ranch in Cottonwood, Davis and Jerman create a richly textured array of sounds from the most modest of sonic tools. Each of the works featured here collects together multiple improvised sessions, which have been edited to create a flowing sense of movement and space. These tempered post-concréte works resolve a joint interest from these two musicians in the act of freeform found sound improvisation and experimentation." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2006| ROOM40 | 13.90

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