special offer "Hooray! Boy am I happy to be putting this cracker out. Recorded live, without the cumbersome weight of newfangled techniques such as 'overdubs' (gee-whiz!) which may seem a little commonplace for you hip-to-be-square cats until you realise that the good Mr Malcolm plays two guitars and percussion with his feet. His third guitar, the guitar he actually holds in his hands, has about half a million strings and a number of contact mics imbedded where the sun-don't-shine to amplify a host of springs, triangles, and other junkyard ephemera. This is a second-to-none ride through a world of sunshine, as viewed through net curtains from a darkened room in suburban New Zealand. Charming, stupifying, and profoundly accomplished. The noise of music!" (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2005| m-/m-| CELEBRATE PSI PHENOMENON | 10.00

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