"Nuova Consonanza at the top, in the classic freeform outfit mixed with dry drum breaks with screaching trumpets and guitars. The love of Morricone for the trumpet is well known, and this instrument is his beloved among the other. In these tracks his genius is particularly noticeable from the amazing result: music very pleasant to the ear. Collector edition, limited to 500 copies only, one time pressing. featuring Ennio Morricone, Franco Evangelisti, Walter Branchi, Mario Bertoncini and Battisti D'Amario. Founded 1964, the ensemble functions as a laboratory of sorts, working with anti-musical systems and noise techniques in an attempt to redefine the new music ensemble and explore 'New Consonance'. The musical deconstructions were published on LP at the time, some of which have been reissued on CD. Many of the techniques reflect the influence of Luigi Nono and Scelsi, and the group created abrasive and intricate sound studies on classical instruments and occasionally employed electronics and tape music methods in the process. The group was the breeding ground for a group of avant-garde composers including the then-burgeoning soundtrack composer, one Ennio Morricone. Other group members included Franco Evangelisti, Egisto Macchi, Antonello Neri, Giovanni Piazza, Giancarlo Schiaffini, and Mario Bertoncini, although the project housed the activities of many guests over the course of the '60s through to the early '70s. Originally recorded in 1971." (label info)
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