"Peasant Magik continues its new run of cassettes with this very fine release, accompanied by eerie cover art by Jeanne D'Angelo. The album's first side (made up of the piece "Ewe Wos Wurnhed") is created out of layered drones, and its second (called "Fires Trife Wuth Wurn") is filled with thickly distorted recordings of an acoustic piano and other instruments, each part composed of dark tonal colors, and on the whole expressing an engrossing and unilluminated haziness, like a captured image of a medieval English landscape at night. The instrumentation throughout is thickly applied like oil paint, and works well together, with loosely related musical parts concealed within one another. To label this music "folk" would be to use a misnomer, and the aesthetic seems to be a much darker one on "Fat Burren Moon" than in that genre, but there seems to be a similar aim and reexamination of the past involved in the music's creation." (Jordan Andersen)
in stock | GB| 2011| PEASENT MAGICK | 8.68

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