repressed "Samtvogel was privately issued in 1974. It would later be issued on the Brain label, with a small change in the artwork. Brain also reissued it on the label's Rock On Brain LP series, this time with a completely different sleeve. The album contained two tracks on side one and just one on side two, and its sound has often been compared to the most explorative works of Syd Barret. It will also appeal to fans of the echoed atmospheric guitar work of other Krautrock innovators such as Ash Ra Temple, Manuel Götsching or A.R. & The Machines, and some may find on the vocal passages certain resemblances to Damo Suzuki on Can's Tago Mago era. The Wah Wah reissue is limited to 500 vinyl LP copies only, housed in a quality sleeve that reproduces that of the original 1974 private pressing and featuring a 4 page insert with liners and photos, sound remastered at Eastside mastering Berlin." (label info)
in stock | ES| 2010| WAH WAH RECORDS | 21.90

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