"Gebirge sounds quite different from everything we know by Guido Möbius. His first two albums klisten (Klangkrieg) and dishoek (Dekoder) featured melodies on a collision course with sounds, styles and idiosyncracies, melancholy and humour. Everything was interwoven, multi-layered and contrasting. Whereas these two predecessors operate to a great extent without any beats or basses, Guido Möbius makes full use of the latter on Gebirge: straight bassdrums, sub-basses and handclaps. Also all kinds of machinery noises serving as snaredrum-surrogates, clanking metal, spluttering cables and funk-guitars, furthermore brass sections. It is out of these elements that he constructs rough, creaking tracks who despite their strangeness promt the swinging of your hips any time. After all Gebirge was greatly inspired by his live sets who fervently dovetail funk with experiment, noise and techno. Möbius has won 4-track-virtuoso Andreas Gogol aka go:gol (a-Musik) as a lead singer for his new album. go:gol, a multi-instrumentalist himself with a preference for grotesque sound constructions, employs a multitude of onomatopoeic, imaginary tongues on Gebirge. Which at times sounds as if James Brown's body had received Kurt Schwitters' soul. Both go:gol's fake english and his Dada-funk are a great amusement. If Möbius sends one of his tracks on its journey you'll never know where that journey might end. And it's enormous fun to follow its musical mutations." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| KARAOKE KALK | 13.90

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