"The latest emission from the gorgeous Lampse imprint and Type linked, 'Pofigistka' is the product of Alexey Devyanin (Stud) and Dmitry Garin(engineer_ garin) who (positioned at opposing ends of the Russian tundra) have joined forces to create the two-headed beast that is GULTSKRA ARTIKLERG. 'Pofigistka' is cinematic in scope whilst retaining a level ofimmediacy that renders it achingly personal; alternating between broad sweeps of sound one moment and finey wrought aural dissertations the next. Backed up by some remixery from the likes of Xela, Svarte Greiner (Erik K. Skodvin of Deaf Center no less!) and Marcus Fjellstrom, 'Pofigistka' is like a shot of vodka for the soul." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2006| m-/m-| LAMPSE | 8.00

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