"If you felt Geisse's first CD "AtEM" needed a yellow realistic section to go along with the red, green, and blue ones, here it is on his second CD "MEtA". Geisse combines his guitar music with field recordings and human voices - musicians reciting the same poem translated into each one's mother tongue. But the music is different, just as the title implies: using self-quotations, elements are mirrored on the cover and in the music; even the duration of the first and the last piece is the same. There are two noise works of art and two beautiful, more tonally oriented compositions coming out of Geisse's microtonal research on so-called combination tones and partial matrices. There are also waves of all kinds: electromagnetic, sine, water, light, and sound, playing a specific part on this fascinating, mysterious CD. Be on the look out for a third one." (label info)
in stock | PT| 2007| CREATIVE SOURCES | 14.52

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