"Its a remarkable debut, covering so much ground yet keeping things restrained enough to have a perfect fluency about it. I was instantly struck by the way its cute without actually being overly so, noisy yet structured and multi-layered without being overly complex. In terms of great experimental pop music, there is very little you can really ask for. Its wonderfully melodic, quirky, touching and tender, and the guest artists feel very much part of the fabric of the album and band, making the whole album seamless under the careful guidance of Tarnovski, Knoflicek and Federsel. 'Gurun' is a fictional planet from the old school Slovak children's sci-fi TV series "She Came Out of the Blue Sky". Somehow, that makes sense of the album perfectly on so many levels." (Ian Hawgood/label info) Edition of 1000 copies, digipack.
in stock | UK| 2010| HOME NORMAL | 13.90

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