"The notion that Jochen Irmler and Gudrun Gut would one day merge the best of their two worlds was never quite to be expected. We hear Irmler's meandering, wistfully psychedelic organ sound, seeming to come from a different era. And we hear Gut's reverb-laden, whispering, breathy voice.Both approaches to music - the Krautrock-informed, epic willingness to explore on the part of Irmler; the structured and technoid Berliner discipline (which is practically a contradiction in itself) of Gut - are conjoined in glistening beauty on this collaborative album "500m", recorded at the Faust studio in Scheer in Autumn of 2013. Analog and digital, town and country, past and present, elliptical melodies and linear beats - all complementing each other in a most cosmic manner! In fact, the clash of these two schools is especially constructive. Some pieces consist only of snippets and cut-ups of Irmler's organ, which are held together by Gut's programming and her voice. In other tracks, the organ plays through. The division of labor is interesting: During the initial two sessions in Scheer, Jochen Irmler was at the helm, while Gut contributed rudimentary grammar - simplistic backing beats, rough architectures, moods. Back at her own studio in Berlin, Gut refined and deconstructed the sometimes up to thirty minute long original improvisations. The roles were essentially exchanged, with Irmler listening from a distance via file sharing. When listening to the album with that in mind, one can guess how much editing is behind these tracks." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2014| BUREAU B | 16.90

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