"Gutevolk is the solo project of Hirono Nishiyama, whose previous releases on Noble and Childisc defy categorization with an eclectic musical fusion of electronics, bossa nova, and quirky pop playfulness. Twinkle is her follow-up to 2003's Suomi (Noble, Tokyo) in which she has created 6 songs (stories/dreams) that intentionally stand on their own, as opposed to one unified whole. During the creation of Twinkle Nishiyama read and took much influence from the stories and rhymes of Mother Goose; weaving much of their surreal, yet childlike imagery, into her songs. With this, she mixed a fascination with space science and immersed herself in knowledge of stars, moons, and black holes during the album's writing process. The result is a very peculiar and unique sound that is both light and dark. Uptempo loops, hooks, and lyrical imagery loop and intertwine with wistful, dreamlike vocals and off-centered chords and textures." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| HAPPY | 10.90

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