"Harri S. Tuominen lives quietly as a lens grinder. In the evenings he still occasionally goes on sorting out his recording archives that include some of the most substantial Finnish experiments in pop music of the 1980's. At the time he put out a patch of cassette albums in editions of less than 50. This far they have only been in the knowledge of his closest circle of friends. Talvi is the most fully formed and elaborated of Tuominen's albums. It was put together in 1982 when he lived in a small village away from his native Helsinki. His band Vessel Umpio - they played fragile and vibrant post punk and put out three mostly self-released records - had split a year before and he had found work in the countryside. There he had a lot of free time to work on his musical ideas with a 4-track reel-to-reel, Yamaha CS-15 synthesizer, a home-made electric guitar, a violin his uncles gave him, a melodica and a toy piano." (Juuso Paaso)
in stock | FI| 2011| IKUISUUS | 12.90

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