"Odd colored carpet of bizarre 3D fields dominate the bright and lurid psychedelic forests you'll have to run thru to grab a mug a brew at the end of the trip! Hop on the back of a giant pink elephant and let go, eventually follow his tiny dick-like tail if u are too small to climb up this pink turt in space! But do give it a try and check out what's left? Thats right: nothing! Just a puddle of restless throbbing poop in different colours. The elephant turns out to be a puddle as well and the sounds you're hearing are all on the most psychedelic Hair Police LP so far! This is definitely way different then any of their other recordings, way more high bliss, blown out delayed voice and hardly any harshness. Originally recorded as a Hair Police radio special for Radio Centraal in Antwerp! Thick black and neon blue eye destructive cover design and a psychic laser etch on the B-side of this 180 grams wax!" (label info) 2007 release, few copies back in stock
in stock | BE| 2007| ULTRA ECZEMA | 19.90

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