"Sjunga slutet nu (Sing the End Now), the new long-awaited project by Hans Appelqvist, consists of both an album and a film. The work is about the angst and silencing of death and the meeting with the final end. The film and album have the atmosphere of a fairy-tale that feels both natural and original, a world where talking levitating spheres seem as ordinary as man. In it, we meet Theodora, an elderly woman that lives in a lonely house by a lake somewhere in Sweden. We also meet her friends: the six-years-old boy Vissen and the levitating sphere Sot that often stays close to Theodora's house or rests in the pile of flour that lies prepared for him in the kitchen. Both the music on the album Sjunga slutet nu and the film originate from the same world. Part of the dialogue, background sounds and musical scenes of the film are used to deepen the atmosphere of the album. The structure is complex - threads are picked-up and woven together in a way similar to the free nonlinear narrative of dreams. Once again, Hans Appelqvist invites us to one of his oddly constructed worlds." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2011| HÄPNA | 13.90

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