"There are records on which we hear newly composed music, and yet simultaneously have the impression of travelling through time, space and sound. With "ILLUMINATION", Hans Joachim Irmler and Christian Wolfarth have presented us just such a jewel. There are electronic thunderstorms and digital Big Ben gongs, clicks'n'cuts electronica, dark sound collages and atmospheric soundscapes; as if PINK FLOYD and POPOL VUH were greeting us from afar. Seldom, when listening to a record for the first time, have I gotten such a strong impression of hearing new tracks while simultaneously making a trip through the history of experimental pop music since 1966. Little wonder, one could say - seeing as Jochen Irmler is a contemporary witness of that very history. This veteran keyboard player of FAUST has kept open ears and a flexible mind, but is, at the same time, acting as bridge-builder for following generations. On 'Illumination', the Zurich-based drummer Christian Wolfarth shows himself to be a master of reduction. Using only snares and cymbals, he plays his way through the soundscapes that Hans Joachim Irmler entices from his keyboards and clavinet. Meanwhile things are spiced sparingly with modified voice snippets and electronic background static." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| KLANGBAD | 14.90

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