"Hapsburg Braganza is the moniker used for the eclectic output of Phil Begg. After two years living in Belgium where he regularly played improvised concerts around the country, he has been active in Newcastle since 2006, operating at the more serene end of the underground spectrum. Much of his output to date has been long-form and abstract, including several releases and numerous live performances of electroacoustic composition/sound collage, ambient drone, field recordings and lower-case electronics. 'Recurring Dreams' takes a dramatically different form, covering a lot of ground over 4 sides of solo guitar lamentations, quietly heavy atmospheres and psychedelic excursions. Although the album marks new territory for him, it nonetheless echoes his earlier themes of spaciousness, melancholia and mental imagery/memory associations. Pressed on two heavyweight 180gm slabs of vinyl and housed in a heavy, photographic style, folio jacket. Ltd to 250 copies." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2012| ALT.VINYL | 20.90

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