""Kopf Zahl Bauch" is Harald Sack Ziegler's strongest and most complete solo release to date, going new ways in sound, but keeping the humorous dada pop style which one of his trademarks. The shimmering mix of cheap electronica, German vocals, weird rhythms, samples and guitars almost always manages to stick to a more or less loose song format which will heavily appeal not only to fans of early New German Wave. Over a period of more than a year and a half, Cologne based artist Harald Sack Ziegler, partner in Sack & Blumm as well as collaborator with Mouse On Mars, worked on the 11 tracks of this album. Guest musicians Mouse On Mars, Joseph Suchy, Marcus Schmickler, FX Randomiz, Reuber, Blumm, Guido Möbius and Ron Martin contributed to the recording process, not by remixing tracks, but by adding to and finishing the material that Harald gave them." (label info) special offer
in stock | DE| 2002| STAUBGOLD | 10.90

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