"Sonderfeld is an idiosyncratic German band lead by Tom Waits incarnation Norbert Sonderfeld. The group has established their unique style with several releases on Veracity and Moloko Plus. Always open for musical experiments, Sonderfeld recorded a track for Vol.3 of Emphasolo. 200 Accordéons is obviously influenced by the first two Emphasolo releases' minimalism, but the band charges this minimalism with the deepness of the accordions' sound. We are lucky that three of the four members of Sonderfeld play this instrument, so they were able to record this track live. Harald "Sack" Ziegler has always worked against his increasing popularity. It's impossible to describe the personality of this renaissance man in a few sentences. His name has become a trademark which, oddly, he shows no desire to market. In his wonderfully inspired autumn lullaby September Horn, Ziegler demonstrates his prowess on French horn, an instrument few people know that he studied. In this track, melodies, chords and sounds slowly are faded into each other. Compared with 200 Accordèons this piece sounds light and airy, although a slow bass-figure keeps on marching through it. But both tracks muster a unique intensity." (label info) Back in stock.
in stock | DE| 2000| EMPHASE | 5.00

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