2005 release. "Jenny Gräf Sheppard (of Metalux) and Chiara Giovando (of PCPCG and a bunch of other bands no one's ever heard of) sits quietly for its real audience in the ages. Both an alarmingly intense and hushed 'noise' record and totally whacked 'songwriter' record, if it needed a category, Enter the Cotton Ring is an exploratory Mack truck of left-hemisphere-manifestation-in-time. Unlike the majority of vocal-noise hybrids bubbling up lately, Gräf and Giovando reference neither sound poetry, nor metal (for the dudes) or jazz balladry (for the ladies) but instead a novel hybrid of dream-incantation, lieder and effects that electronics might achieve but how? An unsettling mix of vocal wrenching and mellifluousness, effected guitar twang fuckery and intuitive anti-system electronics, it'll send you on a rapid shuttle-ferry on the space-time straits, compelling you to keeping chewing slowly." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| EHSE | 9.90

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