"The first collaborative release by Ian Hawgood and Danny Norbury - this might be one of the most long-awaited releases we've come across. Some might be very surprised that this is their first release as they've been friends and long-time collaborators for many years now. They've been making music together occasionally on Ian's solo releases and some compilations, as well as the groups like the Black Elk Quartet and Kinder Scout. And now they release their first full length album. It's almost a decade after Home Normal launched in 2009. This must be one of the most important releases for the label given the time and connection behind it between the curator of the label and the artist who has appeared on more releases than any other on Home Normal. "Faintly Recollected" is originally a single long track (33 minutes) that has been edited by Stefano Guzzetti thereafter. Danny played cello and Ian played and processed Hokema Sansula kalimba ambient tones as well as looping and editing on the recordings onto reels. The resulting album is minimal but so elegant. The graceful cello by Danny is epic as it slowly opens up the deep darkness as reflected through the perfectly matching imagery of the cover photo by Eirik Holmøyvik. This is the music for everyone who wants to enjoy the quietness and calm of hidden moments." (Shinsaku Ohsaki /P*Dis/Inpartmaint)
in stock | UK| 2017| HOME NORMAL | 13.55

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