"A fine example of modern electronica, He Can Jog's Middlemarch is a boldly diverse set of compositions, tackling dronescapes, digital glitch textures and even vocal electronic pop to a consistently high standard. At He Can Jog's creative epicentre is Erik Schoster, who combines the offline conventions of electronic composition with real-time improvisation via customised MAX patches. This combination results in the raw bitstream ambience of 'A Small Thing' whilst also bringing forth the melodic, beat-driven sounds of 'Suite Part Three'. There's an adventurously unpolished feel to all this that suggests an abandonment of presets or software clichés, freeing up Schoster to switch things around on wildly divergent consecutive tracks like 'Contractors And Architects', with its borderline Postal Service-isms and 'Suite Parts One And Two', which approaches Keith Fullerton Whitman levels of sublime electroacoustic drone." (Boomkat)
in stock | UK| 2008| AUDIOBULB | 10.90

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