Headphonse Remote returns with their 2nd album in 3years after their debut album "Brightness Behind The Tragedy" which was highly acclaimed in the Japanese rock scene and have been praised as "The Japanese Stereolab", "The descendants of Velvet Underground" . This 2nd album"New Ghosts Of Modern Futurism" cosists of mainly shoe-gaze tracks like My Bloody Valentine but you could also find Various elements in each songs like the beautiful string arrangements that reminds us of Ennio Morricone and the Serge Gainsbourg-ish melodies. There is also an electro pop song like track7 and the last song even sounds like a "post rock"tune. It was their intention to give each tracks differet textures and input the sense of lo-fi tastes in each and every parts of the album. On the whole, the album is indeed diverse but at the same time, there's a consistent feeling and pleasant atmosphere througout the album. Simply a beautiful album for the fans of good music! (label info)
in stock | JP| 2006| NOVEL SOUNDS | 16.90

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