"Xeaxx Xeaxx (aka Heavy Seals) are a boisterous duo of Metal shredders and electric instrument clangers made up of Brace Paine, from The Gossip and Die Monitr Batss, and John Wiese, of Sissy Spacek fame, who has also been involved with fellow noiseniks Wolf Eyes and Yellow Swans. This document of a live action recording they made together in 2002 spurts out a sordid selection of sliced, diced and pulped sounds and improvised reverberations, all of which crash together to form a kind of punk-damaged version of La Monte Young's fabled classic Poem For Chairs, Tables, Benches Etc. Exquisitely crushed and compacted into a short (but oh so sweet) EP sized sound bite, Jazz Bust is an explosion of sexual and mechanised realisations that is boiling over with mad ideas." (The Wire)
in stock | US| 2005| TRONIKS | 4.90

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