"Heavy Winged are a sprawling North American trio made up of drummer Jed Bindeman, bassist Brady Sansone and guitarist Ryan Hebert. Over the last few years the band have released a cacophonous splatter of cassettes, vinyl and cdrs for Not Not Fun, Digitalis OR Aurora Borealis. Most of these have been mercilessly grimy signifiers of their buzzing free-rock style, and were recorded poorly to almost accentuate the harsh guitar tones and double-time blast beats. This latest jagged offering however is a rare beast in the Heavy Winged canon, offering a higher fidelity peek into their muddled world. This time around the band escaped to a "real" studio to record two slices of extended sludge rock, which come across as wider than ever thanks to some fresh recording techniques. Something like an unholy union between the sheet-noise of Yellow Swans and the blissful sub-harmonic transcendence of early Mogwai or Sonic Youth, "Sunspotted" is an album that takes tried and tested sounds and bends them beyond recognition. Heavy Winged have focused their three individual powers to come up with an album that revels in its depth and shimmering beauty." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| TYPE | 16.90

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