"Expanding Space stands out as something unique in Per Norgard's oeuvre: dreamy electronic music with a cosmic scope. Norgard is famous for his symphonies, chamber music and choral works, but Expanding Space is something very different: A radical and experimental synthesizer music, making use of both Norgards own algorithmic composition principle - the 'infinity series' - as well as field recordings of the surf of the Pacific Ocean. Created mainly on a Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer Expanding Space was recorded in Norgard's own home studio in Copenhagen on a 4-track tape recorder in 1985. The album was originally released in 1987 as a double cassette tape on the Danish label Fonix Musik, which has specialized in new age and meditation music since the early 1980's. From early on, Norgard had an interest in spirituality and was inspired by new age thinking and philosophy, but Expanding Space is far from the typical conception of new age meditation music, and has much more in common with the music of fellow contemporary electronic composers like Morton Subotnick, David Rosenboom or Gordon Mumma - the latter having produced, upon Norgard's request, the recording of the Pacific Ocean, which features on Expanding Space. Moreover, the music has a much more free-flowing and improvised character than most of Norgard's more traditionally composed works. Fluctuating between these two modes Expanding Space sums up an aesthetic philosophy, that had shaped Norgard's work since the 1960's: A music without rhythm, melody or harmony, that demands a more meditative, open-minded mode of listening; a music outside time, seeking to expand the inner (and outer?) space." (label info)
in stock | DK| 2018| INSTITUT FOR DANSK LYDARK | 32.07

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