"After his critically acclaimed debut album "Klavierraum" was released in summer last year, Berlin-based pianist Henning Schmiedt has became one of the most well-known names among the modern classical fans. Henning is now back with his amazingly beautiful 2nd solo album, "Wolken". Unlike "Klavierraum" - which was a very personal, peaceful and intimate album - "Wolken" ("Cloud" in German) is gorgeously sprinkled with bright piano sounds that are overflowing with warmth and gracefulness, without losing Henning's distinctive style. These soul-lifting compositions are the outcome of the inspirations he drew from gazing out from his studio window, at the open sky, the chirping birds, the slow sailing ships and the running river. The delicate touches of keyboard, the superior technique, the amazing acoustic treatments, all plotted with elegant melodies to form a remarkably graceful ambient, "Wolken" represents a very distinctive sense of beauty in piano solo music. RIYL: Peter Broderick, Hauschka, Max Richter." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2010| FLAU | 12.90

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