"A trance-tape piece, constituting the entirety of the genre called Illuminatory Sound Environment, composed in the 70s in response to Catherine Christer Hennix's "Electric Harpsichord." John Berdnt's enthralling liner notes explain ISE as "an unfurling sound field of overwhelming but far from gratuitous sensuality, a highly "tuned" texture where all of the aspects are coordinated to make a deeply unusual "whole", a new kind of perceptual gestalt... The piece has a disorienting flow that does something strange to "time." Its internal structural logic is fascinating but lacks the distraction of an obvious narrative drama-an eternal sound, implying a potentially endless process... Glissando No. 1 is perhaps the darkest and most feverish expression of the genre, its massed strings and continual timbral transformations covering both a broad audio spectrum and saturating all points in the stereo field with a hallucinogenic and emotive canopy. Companion track "Stereo Piano" from 1978, performed by Hennix, is also included (her "billowing cloud" piano technique applied to a scale of Flynt's, subsequently layered by Flynt himself). With sixteen-page booklet." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2011| RECORDED | 16.90

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