"Recently, at a gig at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, Herler (one half of Hey-O-Hansen) picked up the news that a forced sale is imminent on this gem of German club culture. At the end of his show he spontaneously rhymed a two-liner about the threat which this anticpated auction would mean for the "Pudel": "Stell Dir vor, der Pudel wird verkafft. Und es gibt kein' mehr, der da hinlafft." This is Innsbruck slang, performed with a sweet voice, and a subsonic bass over a driving beat: "Imagine the Pudel will be sold, and nobody goes there" pictures a most unwanted event which will not come true because simply nobody will attend. Pingipung and Pudel Produkte, the two Hamburg based record labels with impeccable taste and lots of P's, quickly decided on the split release of the track on a 7'' single. They pose a signal for this essential venue for electronic and experimental music in Germany to live on. Herler recorded the live version of "Pudel Verkafft" anew in his studio in Berlin. It is accompanied by the enchanting "Feel Me Love", which combines Herler's sweet, delicate guitars perfectly with his massive bass. The artwork has been made by the Pudel's award winning designer Alex Solman (C.I.Alex)." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| PINGIPUNG | 6.90

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