"Herman Damen is a Dutch artist and language designer who, among other things, has created visual poems, performance works and verbosonies - a genre that Damen developed where vocalised morphomic elements are assembled in different ways. In his works he has been exploring 'kinetic language' and the spatial aspects of language. Damen's manifesto "Semiotic Theatre" states that his work "places itself outside official literature and wants to fascinate, shock or activate people by combining and replacing writing and articulation with extra-linguistic signs and techniques like pictures, drawings, graphics, photos, montages, collages, de-collages, projects, objects, light, darkness, signals, symbols, gestures, happenings, noise, silence, smells, tastes, situations, states, properties, streets, landscapes, etc.". But most of all, Herman Damen work is SONICO, or disintegrated language treated via electronic means and GRAPHICO, or Kinetic / Edible / Political / Sexual / Capsule / Visual Poetry." (label info) Including 21 inserts, edition of 220 copies
in stock | IT| 2024| ALGA MARGHEN | 26.90

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