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"In 2015, Brisbane's Gallery Of Modern Art presented David Lynch: Between Two Worlds, a major retrospective of Lynch's works across painting, sculpture, installation and photography. To celebrate the retrospective curator, Jose Da Silva, with David Lynch and his studio developed a number of commissions in conjunction with the exhibition. One of these commissions was HEXA's sonic response to David Lynch's Factory Photographs. Lawrence English and Jamie Stewart met in 2009. Initially connecting through their mutual admiration of affective sound, 20th century Japanese photography and birdwatching, it wasn't long before the pair found themselves discussing possible musical collaborations. After some months considering exactly what might drive this undertaking, they decided the work should chart out mutual sonic interests that occupy the space beyond of their individual practices. After developing a dynamic sonic methodology, their project began to take form through the trading of various materials and ideas. Meeting in various locations as their tour schedules haphazardly crossed paths, the two began to form a focused mode of operation that concerned itself primarily with physically affective sound, cycling rhythm and intense textural density. Deciding on the name HEXA, their work together became quickly focused on the David Lynch Factory Photographs project following the Gallery Of Modern Art's commission captured in this edition." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2016| ROOM40 | 23.29

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