"The fifth part in Hey-O-Hansen's '2006 Singles Collection', 'Babylon System' continues to carve the Berlin signature across the peppered Alpine variations that so characterise Hey Rec's sound. With a lead track that features waves of vocals, African rhythms, electronic beats, and sub-bass galore, 'Babylon System' pretty much assembles itself - fusing a Ghanaian funeral brass band to dubstep schematics in a style which will have you stuck in the groove well past the run-out. On the back is a remix from the man Multipara - best known for his output on Lux Nigra - wherein rave-hop makes its presence felt through some carbonated styles which cross cut the West African base with a topping of potent chrome beats. Eclectic, loud and proud, 'Babylon System' is further reason to make space in your collection for an 'Alpine Dubstep' section..." (Boomkat) "a 12inch single with a vocal track by hey ø hansen and a rave-hop remix by multipara." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| HEY REC | 8.50

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