''The new Hey-o-Hansen record shows sounds starting to toughen up for our alpine berliner heroes, following a rave reception accorded to their last single "Moon". It features an incredible mixture of so many different styles, mixing those styles like a well thought out pot of austrian soup with dumplings. GOGOGO should freshen even the most jaded pair of ears, there is definitely something special about the melody running throughout. Touted as afro alpine dub techno with vocals, alp horns, african percussion and a steady beat, you may well be surprised by the gleaming, shimmering, mountain railway groove. the B side sees Harzkrafthof metalically kick it off with spacious berlin sounds - something about this music has a magical quality you just don't commonly find elsewhere.'' (Boomkat) "a 12inch single with a vocal track by hey ø hansen and gordon odametey and a remix by harzkrafthof." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| HEY REC | 8.50

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