HIGH MEMORY AREA - 32 42 26 33 43 29 (CD)

"Since 2008, the old buddies Marek Slipek and Sebastian Stehlik are working together as "High Memory Area" (HMA), steadily evolving their common vision of futuristic electronic music, inspired by artists such as Autechre, Basic Channel and Drexciya. On their new CD "32 42 26 33 43 29", strictly limited to 50 copies, the mysterious duo plays with the magic of slowly-moving, filthy soundtextures and clicking rhythms full of noise, floating straight out their computers and old ensoniq-samplers. Over the six tracks of this album, always pending between relaxation and harsh experimentation, High Memory Area are bit by bit evolving their unique definition of deepness at a low speed, just like a spaceship, slowly paving its way through the thick mangrove-forest right before lifting off into eternal space." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| NOT ON LABEL | 10.90

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