"A digital single released on Halloween entitled "I Was Born" (perhaps ironically addressing the subject of birth as a precursor to the new album?) demonstrated Rob Barber and Mary Pearson using more standard instrumentation than the two had employed in the past. In March, the band released another digital single, this one a remix, called "Can't Feel Nothing (HP Remix)". On both of these, as on their new album "High Places vs. Mankind", guitars play an important role, and here the band has often kept them sounding like guitars. Mary's vocals are less effected and more present. But many aspects of the High Places sound and aesthetic remain intact. One hears dance rhythms, stereo effects, accessible melodies, dub influence, and as always, a love of layering and of combining the unexpected into something cohesive and new. A faster pace and darker tone also seem to permeate through the singles and this new 12" collects these tracks as well as their unheard counterparts. " (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| THRILL JOCKEY | 9.90

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