"Hild Sofie Tafjord has been known to the public for over a decade as part of projects like SPUNK or Fe-Mail (her duo with Maja Ratkje) and collaborations with Birchville Cat Motel, Wolf Eyes, Matmos, Ikue Mori, Otomo Yoshihide, Carlos Giffoni, Zeena Parkins and others. She has released albums on labels like Asphodel, Rune Grammofon and ECM. Her main instrument is the horn, but other acoustic instruments as well as metal objects and noise electronics has always been an intregral part of her pallet. Finally, the wait is over. KAMA is here. A monumental 41 minute colossal single-track of an album recorded in the period from summer 2006 to february 2007 during dark nights in her studio in Oslo. KAMA is mostly made from the sound of her french-horn. Layers upon layers of distorted, processed and mangled pieces of sound form a consistent stream of sonic bliss. Within this massive sound-construction slowly shapes build into an epic climax." (label info)
in stock | NO| 2007| PICA DISK | 13.90

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