Chamber Music 1998-2001. Performed by Arditti Quartet & others. "One of Mexico's leading composers, Hilda Paredes went to London at age 21 where she studied with Peter Maxwell Davies and Richard Rodney Bennett. Parades says that the longer she has been away from Mexico, the more she has felt drawn to it. For her, 'Mexico' means not the territory immediately beneath the US border, but the far south of the country -- the home of the ancient Mayan cultures. Significantly, most of her titles are not in Spanish, but in Mayan (a language her grandfather still spoke). Folkloric rhythmic stereotypes, such as one finds in the music of Revueltas, play little role here. Rather, the Mayan influence is a sense of the mysterious -- her string writing in particular evokes a world of mysterious, twisting tendrils, of slippery, sensuous undergrowth. This is fused with 'rhythmic' elements influenced by Indian music, which she learned about in England." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 2005| m-/m-| MODE | 10.00

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