"Constructed using electronics, effects, piano, sampler, mixer, field recordings, etc., this album presents an audible voyage that meticulously weaves together seemingly random reference points into a cohesive yet perplexing whole. Side one begins with processed feedback shifting amongst tape hiss/static and muted drones where intermittent signals of disintegrated sound seep in like a new breath and then recede leaving near silence. This sparseness provides the opportunity to contemplate the space between each frequency and brings to focus the sequence of the sounds as they have been assembled. A hypnotic and glistening piece for piano introduces the second side which evolves into an electronic buzz accented by a raga-esque feedback swirl coaxed from the unexpected sound-source. The well placed field recordings, with the chimes, clatter and chattering, bring things to a gently decaying conclusion. The album is pressed in an edition of 330 copies." (label info)
in stock | GB| 2011| AMEN ABSEN | 18.90

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