"Debut full length selection of anti-matter science (after one EP) for mssrs. Jojo Schlammpeitzeiger and Felix F.X. Randomiz, perusing the 'unwanteds' section of the 'out-techno' marketplace. The first track, 'Alaune', manages to turn a fairly hokey circus/carnivore loop into one of the more memorable slices of 'technology music' witnessed binaurally in some time. Certain elements recall the splendor of Burger/Ink's 'Las Vegas', only with a bit more 'pep' and a much more 'tweaking'. Will undoubtedly draw more attention to the under-documented scene of genius/wunderkind manics that is A-Musik. Gifted." -- Hrvatski.
in stock | DE| 1998| A-MUSIK | 9.90

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