"Available on vinyl for the first time in forty years, Horace Tapscott's burning, spiritualised 1978 set is a masterpiece of the Los Angeles jazz underground. It's drawn from two studio sessions in April 1978, one at Hollywood Sage and Sound, one at United Western. The latter session added a string section, which can be heard on the moody Cal Massey composition Nakatini Suite and Jesse Sharps' swinging modal trip Peyote Song No. III, with its swirling soprano solo. In keeping with the communal nature of the Arkestra, the other two compositions, The Call and Quagmire Manor at Five A.M. are also by Arkestra members. But at the centre of the music is the builder of the Ark, the visionary whose original call to action started a movement whose legacy continues to this day - Horace Tapscott. 180g audiophile vinyl in a painstakingly reproduced sleeve." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2019| OUTERNATIONAL SOUNDS | 22.90

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