"Limited to 250 copies! Horaflora is the moniker of Bay Area resident Raub Roy and "Craterellus Cornucopioides" represents his most seminal work to date. A heavy dose of electronic treachery awaits as "Horn of Plenty" cracks open your ears. Skewed waves flash out and richochet off every surface in the room like little sonic bullets just waiting to load you up with shrapnel. Roy's like a puppet master, wielding bleeps and squirts as his arsenal, bending them into unexpected shapes. Every crackle, every turn is the right one. It's an awesome exercise in trashcan electronics. The flip, "Trumpet of Death," gets even more medieval. Horn squalls are burnt into charred deliciousness. While oscillating squelches are lined up to infinity, endless loops recoil, destroying each other and leaving the ground littered with caustic tonal debris. If these are the deaththroes, color me fucking excited. Recommended." (Brad Rose)
in stock | UK| 2012| CRAZY IRIS | 18.90

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