"HOSE was formed at the end of last century as an idea of Taku Unami with Toshihiro Koike, Masafumi Ezaki, who had also been working in the field of improvised music, and their friends Reiji Hattori and Tomoya Izumi who had never played music before. In the beginning, the group was influenced by Genesis, Roswell Rudd Trio, Brujeria, Art Bears, Karate Bakabon, Hoburakin, Aburadako etc. though these influences were soon to be forgotten. HOSE disbanded in 2003 when their music had developed into "easy listening-style melodies played with scant regard for traditional popular music song structures. Furthermore everything is scratched and scraped by Izumi's scream and the attack of his never-tuned bass". Suddenly HOSE started to play again in 2006. Since then HOSE have been active, playing at "Kid Ailack Light-Music Festival" (May, 2006), "Festival Beyond Innocence" (November, 2006), "Enban Jamboree" as a choir of 40 people (January, 2007), recording at Loop-Line (March, 2007) and visiting H.P.Lovecraft's grave (April, 2007). Masafumi Ezaki (trumpet), Toshihiro Koike (trombone), Taku Unami (guitar), Tomoya Izumi (bass), Reiji Hattori (bodhrán)." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| HEADZ | 16.90

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