special offer "Started in the folk idiom playing in the Pentangle/Martyn style with Andy Shanks and Jim Russell, The Burt/MacDonald quintet was formed after working with Lindsay Cooper in improvisation workshops. The Scottish group reunites with the UK improv guru Lol Coxhill for another round of rollicking improvisation. What we have here is a band which concentrates on ideas rather than the more usual jazz proving ground, \"chops\", a group where the musicians cherish the music rather than the spotlight. Hotel Dilettante is an orignal and infectious blend of breezy melodies and cutting edge improvisations inside orignial compositions and jazz standards featuring Nicola MacDonald\'s wonderful vocals and Sushil K Dade (Future Pilot Aka). This is another great document of this consistent, energetic and hugely enjoyable group, another chapter of the quintets adventures not to be missed!" (label info)
in stock | FR| 2005| TEXTILE | 7.00

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